With her captivating and engaging on-screen personality, Hannah draws the audience into the universe of food in a way no other chef can. She shows you the simplicity of food. How to prepare in the right way, how to cook to perfection, how to employ the very best technical kitchen skills and hacks to get the best into a dish yet making it fun, educational and informal. Resulting in an experience that is unmatched for the viewer.

Hannah’s range of TV work includes:

  • Morning TV cooking
  • Sports performance food/travel shows
  • How to videos
  • Voice overs
  • Master classes


Recipe development

As a trained Michelin chef Hannah makes eating healthily easy and fun for everyone.

Hannah specializes in recipes that boost performance of world class athletes that include GiroD’Italia winners and stage winners of the Tour De France
Hannah also provides easy to follow recipes that have been published in magazines worldwide which include Women’s Health, Outside magazine, bicycling magazine, amongst others.

Her recipes span many specialities such as:

  • Performance nutrition
  • Sports nutrition, bars and drinks
  • Low carb
  • Low calorie
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Scandinavian cuisine
  • French cuisine
  • Healthy sweets and deserts


Workshops/cooking classes/team building

Eating healthily shouldn’t be punishment!

With a hands-on approach in the kitchen with Hannah herself, you will learn that cooking at its best is entertaining, fun and educational.

You will understanding how to follow a specific diet and how to be creative with what’s available to you utilising tips and tricks from Hannah. You will understand how to create tasty amazing new dishes and how to tweak and improve your favorite ones.

Teaming up with your colleagues, friends and family – a day in the kitchen with Hannah will change the way you eat for ever.

Workshops can include any of the following themes:

  • Performance nutrition
  • Sports nutrition
  • Low carb
  • Low calorie
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Scandinavian cuisine
  • French cuisine
  • Healthy sweets and deserts
  • Basic human nutrition
  • special diets and what to choose



With many years of experience cooking in Michelin rated restaurants and for elite professional athletes, Hannah takes you on an educational adventure full of nutrition hacks, food and stories from the world of Professional cycling.

Get inspired to change the way you live and eat. Be motivated to try something new and game changing. Learn how and why eating healthy and nutritious affects your body and performance.

  • EAT RACE WIN! Inspiration, motivation and how to ERW.
  • Cycling nutrition and stories
  • Working with the Pro riders
  • How to make vegetables great again
  • Healthy eating habits and how to implement them.


Training camp menu planning

Developing menus for training camps specific to the clients. Hannah Grant tailors the menu plans for your athletes and your kitchen staff to execute.
Hannah can also be onsite with her staff to cook and oversee the event in combination with a talk.

  • Training camp menus
  • Training camp onsite cooking


Demo-cooking from EAT RACE WIN

  • on stage Demo cooking
  • on screen demo cooking


Product Demonstration

  • On stage product demonstration
  • Recipe development for the product
  • Demo event Q & A


Menu concept development

  • Implementing more vegetable-based dishes
  • How to optimize preparation
  • Training kitchen staff in the new dishes
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