Eat Race Win


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EAT RACE WIN is the year-round food and nutrition companion for all endurance athletes.
Hannah Grant has in collaboration with Dr. Stacy Sims Ph.D created a new modern classic sports nutrition cookbook that takes you through all 4 seasons of the year, with over 150 easy-to-do recipes, and guidelines on how to eat to maximize performance and keep up your energy levels at all times.
“Eating right shouldn’t be a punishment”
Dr. Stacy Sims, takes you through the science and changes of the human body through out the year, giving tips on how to get through the winter, deal with jetlag, and how to hydrate properly.
Hannah Grants recipes and food philosophy makes it tasty to achieve your goals, whether it is a 5k run, a marathon or an Ironman.
– every athlete deserves to EAT, RACE AND WIN

The book also includes insightful interviews from some of the best athletes in the world including Gwen Jorgensen, Peter Sagan, Michael Valgren Andersen, Selene Yeager and the Diabetic Team Novo Nordisk.