The parsley rescue spread, a distant Noma memory spin-off sauce

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We all know it, you buy fresh herbs and use half of it and then they are left to die in your fridge. So sad, so very sad. At my local veg monger they have these enormous buckets of parsley - I love them, however I can never use it all, so it ends up in the fridge going yellow and then in the bin... Or they used to end up like that. But not any more.

Back in the days when I was young and unbroken I worked at restaurant Noma, yes it's right - THE restaurant Noma in Copenhagen (Now serving Corona burgers).

Hannah and Najat at Noma 2009

Anyway, back in 2010 we made a green rocket (arugula) sauce with a fresh and tangy flavour. This sauce was something special,and so one day I was staring at the yellowing parsley in my fridge and I thought - I can just make the parsley version of that sauce. So before you sort of feel like this parsley spread will be the closest thing to you having eaten at Noma, please keep in mind that I did not make an effort to dig into my notebooks to find the actual measures of the original sauce, I freestyled from my memories - and as I recall, it's pretty damn close - and tasty. Except it's obviously not made with rocket salad.

Ok, so here is it the Parsley spread recipe ( I have made it thicker, hence "Spread" and not sauce - you get it!)