The Endurance Cake

Powering up your endurance training with the a cake made on the athletes best and most nutritious friend: the potato. Introducing "The Endurance cake"

I’m Back again

It's been a while since I was last in the kitchen testing and baking endurance athlete friendly cakes. After the world opened up more, my hydration and performance startup ERWactive has been taking off, we introduced our SLEEP remedy (that I personally am totally hooked on) Check it out for yourself, it's formulated by the epic Dr Stacy Sims.

Anyway, so naturally I have spent a lot more time in the office compared to the lock down, and this weekend I finally made time to test a recipe that I have been planning in my mind for a long time.

Cakes from root vegetables and sweet potato.

For those of you who have followed me for a while knows that I have been obsessed with baking with sweet potato and root vegetables, leaving out wheat flour and trying only to use unprocessed whole foods in my cake recipes. Why? Well as a trained chef I was never really into deserts and sweets, my heart was in the savory kitchen. Desserts and sweets are truly an art, but for me I felt limited and restricted to the recipes that had absolutely no wiggle room - I found it much more fun to be able to start with one idea in the kitchen and the half way through get another idea and then change it.

I've also always wanted to disrupt what people see as dessert, so if I can serve something sweet and baked, that everyone loves and then surprise the whole lot with the fact that they've just had veggies instead of white flour and sugar, YAY!

Time for the next level potato cake

Back when COVID first closed the whole world down I started working with sweet potato as a base for my cakes and after countless different versions and varieties, I feel like it's pretty much perfected by now, and all of you who have baked and given me feedback backs that up - the Athletes pie, the Podium pie and the race cakes just to name a few of the favorites. however I have wanted to do a blonde cake for some time - the closest thing to a basic vanilla cake as possible. In Copenhagen where I live, I have been looking for the white yams or sweet potatoes in my neighborhood veg monger and small special stores, but with no luck, so finally I thought - let's use the most loved and used spud in the world: THE POTATO.