Sweet potato cocoa spread

Sweet potato for the win, another great use of this amazing ingredient.

No, I am still not over using sweet potatoes for more or less anything, so here is the fastest recipe of them all an the gateway to the healthiest version of (shh... don't say it... Nute...a)

Ok I know if I ask a real nutella fan to compare these two, the answer will be, not quite nutella. However It's sweet delicious and unlike Nutella it doesn't have any crappy ingredients in it. So you should give it a go!

This is a sweet and intense cocoa spread for breakfast, lunch or snacking. If you're running or biking, this could even go as a substitute for a gel keeping that gut happy and healthy, which is beneficial if you intend to do well.

Why baked and not boiled?

I get asked a lot if the sweet potatoes can be boiled for these type recipes. In my opinion it makes the end result too watery. Why you ask?, well when you boil any vegetable or anything for that matter, first of all you pull out all the nutrients into the water, which is not really optimal for good health, then on top of it the taste disappears AND it turns into mush, watery mush. BUT, when you bake the sweet potato with the skin on the moisture will evaporate from the potato as it bakes, making it sweeter and smoother plus you're keeping all those nutrients inside the flesh. This is the way to go - seriously, it is.

So you just have to have patience and wait for that sweet potato to finish baking in the oven - it will give you the best result.

Alright, you get the point, let's get to it.

Sweet potato cocoa spread

Yield: 1 jar

Prep time: active: 5 minutes

Prep Cooking time: 45 - 60 minutes.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 large orange sweet potato

  • 4-5 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

  • 3-4 tbsp maple syrup

  • 1 nib salt


These are suggestions to make your spread funky and unique, add coconut oil or milk to make it creamier or spice it up with your favorite warm spices or citrus fruits.

  • coconut oil 1-2 tbsp melted

  • or coconut milk 1-2 tbsp.

  • cinnamon

  • vanilla

  • orange zest

  • lime zest


You can substitute maple syrup with Honey or you can use soft medjool dates.