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Updated: Mar 30, 2020


This was me up until 2 weeks ago, busy working on my start up myflightpack.com producing dietary supplements to the frequent flyers of the world. Unfortunately the Corona virus changed a few things for all of us and for me, no flights means no travelers. So, like so many others affected by this, it's time to recalibrate.

Home sweet home

You have probably noticed it, you're home all the time and there are a lot of extra hours available these days after the corona breakout. Everyday kinda seems the same now: Saturday or Tuesday, same same. My solution, I am spending the whole day in my kitchen, either on the "office" side of it or the cooking side of it.

The "office"

When I'm in the office, I'm working on my business and staying alive and when I'm hungry I'm making challenges for myself in the kitchen, like cook everything in your waffle iron or day of the blender. So in order to keep myself somewhat sane during this outbreak, I have decided to share the cooking side of my life with you.

I'm hungry all the time, so there's plenty of recipes coming up.

Now the meal becomes the ultimate highlight of my day, so even though I'm just cooking for one, I try and make it more fun and make an effort to do facetime candlelight dinners with my friends and family.

What can you expect from the recipes?

They will be super simple and easy to make.

They are developed by a graduated, certified, (sort of retired) real pro chef!

The key factors in my recipes are:

  • Low fat

  • No sugar

  • No wheat

  • No dairy

Is it to lose weight ? - not on purpose, however I probably will (My jeans says YAY!)

Is it to be healthy ? - Well, yes and to be pain free* (*cliff hanger).

I love anything classic, so the recipes are spin-offs of the normal versions because I have been put on a strict diet by my doctor and I'll tell you why.

March 5th. 2020 - The doctors office

Just before the whole world shut down, I had experienced some rather painful days in bed, that seemed like a never ending food poisoning, I couldn't eat, I felt nauseous and I had to cancel all my appointments in order to just be curled up in bed.

I went to the doctor and explained my symptoms. She looked at me and said; "I'm pretty sure I know what's wrong with you" She took some blood tests and measured my infection levels and looked at me and said; "I think you have gallstones and what you experienced this weekend was a gallstone attack". She looked at me and said, well I can tell you it's a very effective diet for weight loss! Great, thanks! Also, the moment when you realize your doctor has just told you your sort of fat-ish... That's probably a good wake up call before it gets worse and I am constrained to a life in sweatpants and flip flops.

See, that day I walked away from the doctors office with two new appointments and something to think about. The two appointments was one to get an ultrasound scan andthe other to get the results of everything, meanwhile - the world collapsed and now all I can do is think about how to change my diet and then hopefully I will feel better, and at some point the doctors office will be open again, but until then:

Goodbye tasty cheese, goodbye sourdough bread, goodbye pasta, goodbye butter on everything and goodbye wine and coffee.... I realize, how much I love all these things and how I slowly had started eating more of all of it over the last year... And this came at a price.

It sort of sounds like my culinary dining life is over, but hey - thankfully I am a trained chef so I'll make it happen.

On this note Welcome to my new online quarantine cookbook, I hope you'll stick around for a while and perhaps even try out some of my recipes (and sign up to get them straight in your inbox)

Unforgiving yet amazing screenshot from an unpublished interview

Thanks for reading, stay home, wash your hands and call your mom!

Recipes are on the way.

- Hannah

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