Hannahs Sourdough bread rolls

Everyone is quarantine baking, and someone suggested me to share my bread recipe in these times of staying at home.

So here is my beloved bread recipe.

Baking bread is the best, I love it so much that I am often asked if it's necessary to stand in front of the oven to watch the bread baking. You don't have to, but it's awesome!

Unfortunately I can't eat 10 of these buttered rolls straight out of the oven any more, my doctor told me, no wheat - so when I bake, I bake for my friends and family - it's time consuming but well worth it, you cannot rush great bread, so if you're looking for a 30 minute bread recipe - this is not it.

Also then I live through other people's ability to eat bread with too much butter... mmm fresh bread and butter - I miss it so much! But luckily you don't have to.


This recipe is with a sourdough starter, that you can either get from someone you know or make it yourself. (or you can skip it, and leave the bread dough to ferment one extra day)

Hannahs sourdough bread

Yield: 4 big loafs or 25 rolls

Prep time active: about 30 minutes

Prep time inactive: about 24h+

Baking time: 20-30 minutes depending on the size.

Basic Sour dought starter:

100 g wheat flour

100 ml water.

Combine the ingredients and cover with cling wrap and leave it at room temperature for 24 hours (or longer if your house is chilly) it's ready when its bubbly.


10 g dry or 20 g fresh yeast + 100 g Basic Sourdough Starter

800 mL water

1 kg wheat flour

20 g salt

50 g rice flour, for dusting ( if you don't have rice flour, wheat flour will do)

1 cup of warm water, for baking

Optional: seeds for last fold and baking. Instead of rice flour use seeds to add flavor and texture.

Day 1 preparations:

Step 1.

In a small mixing bowl, dissolve the sourdough starter and yeast in the water. Transfer to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the kneading attachment or a large mixing bowl.