2 minute omelette in images

I was starving the other day and decided to cook myself an omelette for lunch with lovely leftovers - I looooove left overs. Easiest meal you can get!

So, the one thing that people tell me they struggle the most with is making an omelette with filling - and so even though there is an ancient GCN youtube video with me (youthful and full of hope) online making one, I have decided to give you the updated omelette break down here, both in writing and in images... And if you're lucky there might be a video coming later.

It is very simple, IF you know how to - and I know there are many ways, but this - is my preferred method and it will get you lunch in two minutes - what's not to like?

Yield: 1 omelette

Prep time: 2 min

Cooking time: 1-2 minutes

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 2 eggs

  • salt and pepper

  • grated nutmeg (optional)

  • oil for cooking

I am using a non-stick pan and a heat-proof rubber spatula to make the omelet.


  • 1 onion, diced

  • 2 tbsp left over potato mash

  • fresh cilantro/coriander

  • 1/2 slice cheese in chunks

  • hot sauce

But use whatever you have in the fridge!

Step 1.

Get your omelet filling ready.

In my case:

Sauté the onion until soft, season with salt, add mash - heat it up. transfer to a bowl and wipe the pan.

Step 2.

Crack the eggs and whisk together with a fork.

Season mixture with salt and pepper - and NUTMEG - I loooove nutmeg! If you don't, it's your loss - however I do recommend that you try it.

Step 3.

Heat up the pan to medium high with a tbsp. of oil.

Pour in the mixture and let it set for 15 seconds.

Step 4.

Make your first fold, by tilting the pan away from you and pulling the thin layer of cooked egg towards the handle, whilst spreading the runny egg back out on the pan to set in a thing layer.

Step 5.

Tilt the pan away from you again and fold the omelet down from the handle towards the middle of the pan, then spread the runny egg again to set as you pull the folded omelet back towards the handle. Then let the egg set for 5-6 seconds.

Step 6.

Flip the omelet once down away from the handle, and add your filling, then let it cook for 5 seconds before folding it again.

Step 7.

And if all that explanation is too complicated, here is the step by step in images!

Step 8.

Top with hot sauce and cilantro and eat!

TIP: Always have eggs in your fridge - they are not just omelette friendly but also waffle diet friendly!

Now get that pan out and make yourself an omelette - show me your result on twitter or instagram and tag me@dailystews.

Thank you for reading and cooking.

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Take care, lot's of love

- Hannah

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