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Thursday morning TV-chef gig; Sirloin and brown butter

Rise, shine and cook – I am the TV2 morning TV-chef this morning.

Go morgen Danmark – I am back on The danish morning TV show, I have had a break from it due to the Amazon Prime series EAT. RACE. WIN. and some other crazy TV projects… you will know soon enough anyway – Today is my 5 year anniversary as a TV-chef on TV2! Crazy how time flies, But never the less – five years later, The Alarm still goes of at 4.15 and that jetlag feeling… just never seems to go away.

How do I decide what to cook?

It’s always interesting to plan what to do. I see two options for a TV-chef:

Number 1 TV-chef option: Make three dishes one for each block that I am on-air

Pros: You have enough material to talk about and show and tell. You show that you can come up with more than one dish with the same ingredient!

Cons: you have too much to show and tell and if they cut your time – you wont have time to show important cooking methods or ingredients. You have to bring Soooooo much stuff into the studio, and in an out door kitchen environment, the more food you have the more people you have to help chase the seagulls away.

Number 2: Make one dish, but with a bit more technique or back ground story to fill out each block with an element of the dish.

Pros: You have good time to show how to do things, like today “tie a roast” you can tell funny little stories and you can breathe in-between and joke with the hosts. You also have time to engage the host – MAKE THEM DO THE WORK! Mix, cut, taste stir… they become your 3 minute apprentice – YEAH!!!

Cons: If your dish is to easy, it is limited how many minutes you can talk about diced onions… This is where it is important to prepare lots of facts and good information about that one ingredient – so you can drag out time.

Last time I did 3 dishes – and bear in mind, this was the first time I was back an a TV-chef on morning TV in 1,5 years… So I just jumped into the deep end to get back into it. – It went great. But today with only one dish – it went even better.

Thursday July 19th. 2018 morning TV menu

  • Oven roasted sirloin, Boiled new onions with brown butter vinaigrette and mustard seeds.


Morning Setup

You always know if your food was a success by the number of people gathering to eat the leftivers once the show is over… I take this as a high rate of success!
The golden TV-chef rule; If it’s meat or cake – you’re home free 😀

Morning TV staff digging in!

Have fun in the kitchen,

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Big hugs Hannah

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Now check out the recipe underneath.

Whole roasted Sirloin, boiled onions and brown butter vinaigrette


1 piece of sirloin 600 g

meat string

olive oil

Salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 150*c/300*F

To tie a roast is like wrapping a very long christmas present Make a lasso of the string and fasten it at one end of the roast.
Pull one end of the string from left to right, approx. 2 cm along the roast, holding it with your thumb on the top of the roast. Wrap the string around the roast and back to the thumb and pull the string through under the string under the thumb, so that it forms a cross like when you pack a gift.
Repeat this process until the whole roast is tied. Finally, Bring the string back lengthwise to the first tied knot and secure it. Brown the roast on a pan in olive oil with salt and pepper. Roast the sirloin in the oven on a rack with a meat thermometer to between 54-60*c in core temperature. Let the roast rest for min. 10 minutes removing the string and slicing the beef.

Temperature guidelines:

Red: 54*C /130*F

Medium 58-60*c /136-140*F

Well done 65*c/149*F and above


Boiled new onions with brown-butter vinaigrette

1 bunch of new onions

100 g butter 1 tbsp.

mustard Seeds ½ dl

apple cider vinegar

salt and pepper

Fresh thyme 

Bring a pot of salted water to the boil. Rinse the onions, don’t peel them.

Add the onions to the boiling water and bring them to a boil again. Pull the pot aside and let the onions steep for 5-7 minutes. Half the onions and peel the outer layers off.

Brown-butter vinaigrette
Melt the butter at low to medium heat. When the butter is melted, the milk protein will slowly begin to caramelize,
Whisk occasionally as the whey starts to brown.
When the butter is golden brown and smells like toasted nuts, whisk in the vinegar and the mustard seeds.
Let the vinaigrette cool down a little before seasoning it with salt and vinegar to taste.

Serve the sliced meat, with onions and brown butter vinaigrette.

Get the danish recipe here: 

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