Hannah Grant

I have always been drawn to creating memorable experiences and good times for people around me.

Already as a child, I had the drive and need to be in a kitchen, playing around with flavors, ingredients, textures – trying out techniques and combinations (sometimes more palatable than others); the kitchen caught my attention and my heart from the very beginning.

My motivation is fueled by changing the way we see food, nutrition and health, promoting a better living – making it fun and educational as well as tasty and easy to do.
Eating healthy should not be a punishment.

I am classically trained from the culinary institute of Copenhagen where I started in 2003.
My time as a chef has taken me around the globe, from a kite boarding expedition boat in the south pacific to the highest-level restaurants amongst other places, 3 times best restaurant in the world, restaurant Noma.

More than 7 years of hands on experience in the field of sports and performance nutrition and many years of television work appearance, Hannah differs from any other chef out there.
Food just is more fun with Hannah –
Eating right shouldn’t be a punishment and Hannah makes cooking easy, delicious and fun to do.

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