Hannah Grant Cooking

Go’ Morgen Danmark Danish TV2 – morning TV Hannah has been appearing on Danish morning TV since June 2013. She entertains, cooks and teaches people easy simple ways to make food more fun and healthy.

Simple feast Hannah Grant is a part of the feast kitchen app, that offers healthy easy vegetable based recipes in one single app. Hannah is amongst good company and features amongst top chefs such as; Tomas Keller, Jacque Pepin, Matt Orlando, Dan Barber and Louisa Lorang. https://food.simplefeast.com/

EAT RACE WIN – Amazon Prime Premieres worldwide July 27th. 2018 (6 episodes) produced by Junto entertainment; Christof Bove and Hannah Grant EAT RACE WIN follows chef Hannah Grant at the world’s biggest yearly sporting event, the Tour de France 2017. The show is off the bike and behind the scenes, from a chef’s pointRead More

Rise, shine and cook – I am the TV2 morning TV-chef this morning. Go morgen Danmark – I am back on The danish morning TV show, I have had a break from it due to the Amazon Prime series EAT. RACE. WIN. and some other crazy TV projects… you will know soon enough anyway –Read More

Polka dot mountain jersey dessert – a classic Ladies and Gentle athletes, welcome to my new blog or welcome back – I’m happy you are here. Stage 10 in the Tour de France 2018 is the first mountain stage this year – and what better way to celebrate it with the polka dot mountain JerseyRead More

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