Rise, shine and cook – I am the TV2 morning TVchef this morning. Go morgen Danmark – I am back on The danish morning TV show, I have had a break from it due to the Amazon Prime series EAT. RACE. WIN. and some other crazy TV projects… you will know soon enough anyway – Today is my 5 year anniversary in there! Crazy how time flies, But never the less – five years later, The Alarm still goes of at 4.15. How do I decide what to cook? It’s always interesting to plan what to do. I see two
Polka dot mountain jersey dessert – a classic Ladies and Gentle athletes, welcome to my new blog or welcome back – I’m happy you are here. Stage 10 in the Tour de France 2018 is the first mountain stage this year – and what better way to celebrate it with the polka dot mountain Jersey dessert from The Grand Tour Cookbook! I made this the first time back in 2012 when danish rider Michael Mørkøv won the mountain jersey back when I was working with Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff Bank – Oh those where the days with the two bank
Left over heaven – Cottage pie Welcome to healthy left over heaven. You know how it is, you often end up discarding scraps and left overs from the day before feeling kind of bad you just wasted food, like most people. Here is your answer to those lonely leftovers, I have created a series of easy endurance fuel recipes where left overs will be used and eaten with joy – all with a happy belly and good conscience. Welcome to my new blog, or should I say welcome back! This is not your everyday formal endurance fuel recipe database, on
Bolognaise – the mother of all comfort foods Hello there, I have been expecting you. So, I have decided that keeping things formal on this blog – is not my thing…honestly it would be too boring and why would even wanna read things you can google anyway?! So with each recipe comes a little story or some thoughts that goes well with the dish – enjoy. There are some serious things I need to say, and it goes something like this: I LOVE COMFORT FOOD! Yes! I said it, It’s true – I really do. And one of the dishes
Hello dear reader, I am staring to really love my new blog here, and to make it more interesting for YOU, I would love to know what recipes you want to see here, what you want to ask the pro athletes about and what you want to nerd out about within sports physiology and nutrition. Because I will together with two awesome ladies provide you lots of cool content, recipes and tips and tricks for endurance athletes and high performance humans out there in the busy jungle of life. Get in touch with us I’ve been thinking a lot
Tour de France and Tasty balls for the win It’s that time of year again; TOUR DE FREAKIN’ FRANCE is on and so is the caffeine hit balls show off – YEAH!!!! And this year, for the first time since 2010 I am not deep in the Tour de France hands on – but I am creating a Performance recipe and food universe on with endurance sports recipes, tested on many pro riders over the years – no animals was hurt in the process… I promise! Your Ideas are important! I want to share all the ideas and things
Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to my new amazing website, now with an EAT RACE WIN blog! I have some amazing news that I have wanted to share with you guys for a long time. My new cookbook, EAT RACE WIN is ready for pre ordering HERE – Make sure to be the first to have this fierce, 4lb shiny endurance-sports cookbook baby in your hands.   But that’s not all, My Amazon prime TV show, by the same name is to be released July 27th. 2018 – see the Amazon Press release beneath. Check out the show trailer here: Amazon
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